BETA Test in now started!

Niden Faction Public BETA Test server is now opened!

You can create account here.
Patch download - L2Scryde_patch_v2.rar

Currently there are some missing features and maps which will be implemented after Grand Opening. Also server can be unstable.

Most active testers will be rewarded after Grand Opening with following gifts:

  • Custom weapon glow (one color)
  • VIP status for 1 day
  • Top Hair Accessory

Please report bugs to our forum.

Admin, 2015-02-18.
Niden Faction is back!

Niden is back!

Dear players,

As we can see, a lot of players are waiting for a new Niden Faction server season. So here's a news - Niden Faction is finally back. BETA Test will be opened on next Wednesday (February 18th) 19:00 GMT+2. You can now download a new patch: L2Scryde_patch_v2.rar. Most active testers will be rewarded after Grand Opening!

General server features:

Two factionsHeaven and Inferno. Players can change their faction but there are few conditions.

Two types of maps:

  • Standard - both factions are fighting between each other. Every map has some ownable crystals which can be taken by standing nearby. Occupied crystal gives some advantages for whole faction. There are plenty of maps which changes every 30 minutes.
  • CHAOS - a short time map where all players are fighting between each other.

Maps are choosen by players online count.

Advanced reward system: players are rewarded for every kill. Reward amount and chance depends on killer and victim gear. For example if newbie player with low gear kills other player with top gear, the reward amount and chance will be much higher.

PVP rewards list:

  • SP
  • Fame points
  • Clan Reputation points
  • Adena
  • High and Top grade Life Stone.
  • Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (S)
  • Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S)
  • Atrribute stones and crystals.
  • Giant's Codex - Mastery
  • Heroic Coin
  • Talismans Box

Additional rewards:

  • Players nearby owned crystal are rewarded with some adena.
  • Special reward for faction leaders and winning faction members.
  • Adena reward for ended victim's killing-spree.

Death bonus: when player dies 2 or more times times in a row, a special bonus buff appears on him. It will increase player's PVP attack and defence. Bonus power depends on deaths in a row - it can be from 10% to 50%. Buff is automatically removed when player kills someone.

DressMe: our unique feature which can change your character's visual look. System is updated with Lineage2 Goddess of Destruction armor sets and weapons.

Raid Boss Tower: a special raid bosses area where players can fight between each other. Your party have to defeat 4 bosses which drops 4 different quest items. After all 4 items is collected you can teleport to the main server boss - Baium.

Scryde Mammon: a special NPC that spawns twice per day. Here you can purchase a Masterwork weapons, change the type of armor and buy other useful items.

Server Events:

  • Team vs Team
  • Capture the Flag
  • Domination
  • Last Man Standing
  • Hunting Grounds
  • Lucky Chests
  • Zombies

More information about server you can find by clicking here.

Admin, 2015-02-14.
Newbies Bonus

We have great news for new players! From December 6th every new player will be rewarded. All you need is to create a new character and start playing on Scryde PVP server.

Rewards list:


Adena - 2,000,000,000x


Event Medal - 100x


Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S) - 300x


Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (S) - 300x

Also, from now on, every new clan level will be increased up to 7.

* Gifts are available only once.

Admin, 2014-12-06.
Server Started!

Scryde PVP server started successfully! Please note that heroes will change in the next Sunday (April 20th).

Admin, 2014-04-12.
Scryde PVP Start

As we planned, the Scryde PVP server starts next Saturday (April 12th). 14:00 (GMT+3)
You can now download a new server patch - L2Scryde_patch_v1.rar.

Admin, 2014-04-09.

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