New start, Freya
Most of players waited for news about Scryde and Niden servers. Scryde server without Wipe has been running for almost a year. But the time has come when the wipe is necessary, and probably most players understand that So, we announce a new Scryde server's start.First of all - the server chronicle will change from Gracia Epilogue to Freya, so you can begin to update you client. Also, the server will be a lot of features, new areas, monsters and will be fixed many bugs.
The most important changes:
  • All players begins the game with S80 items.
  • New Freya weapons, armors and jewelery.
  • New farm areas and monsters.
  • Scheme buffer.
  • Faction type PvP arena.
  • New events system.
  • New auto events: There will be total 11 automatic events: DeathMatch, Domination, Last Man Standing, Lucky Chests, Team vs Team, VIP Team vs Team, Zombie, Capture the Flag, Bomb Fight, Mutant, Battlefield.
This is just part of the features, which will be in the new Scryde start. The start date is still unknown, but on Tuesday (01.11) server will opened in test mode.

However, Niden server for a low players count temporarily will be closed, but we promise that in the future will start again, with Freya Chronicle.

Admin, 2011-01-09.

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