Niden Faction is back!
So, as we were promised, Niden server will opened again with Freya! The start date is not yet clear, but tomorrow (Thursday) ~ 16 hour (GMT+2) will be opened PTS server. Here are the basic server information:
  • 3 Factions: Inferno, Heaven, Necropolis.
  • On every map are the crystals, which can be owned just by standing near to it.
  • For each owned crystal players get adena and opportunity to teleport to near owned crystal.
  • Every time when finishes map, the most kill maked faction players will be rewarded a special prize.
  • Opportunity at any time change a faction, but only where are less players.
  • Working Olympiad Games.
  • New Events Engine with 11 new events.
  • After the death buffs will not disappear.
  • Scheme Buffer.
  • Freya Weapons, Armors and Jewel.
  • Working offline trade.
  • PvP Title colors system.
  • Free S80 grade Moirai items.
  • Community board with top 20 PvP/PK for each faction and all players(ALT +B).

Admin, 2011-03-09.
Web statistics
Due to problems with our hosting, all web statistics will be disabled. Problems will be resolved during the week.
Admin, 2011-03-09.
Start day
As we planned, the Scryde server starts today 14:00! Registration is already open.
Admin, 2011-01-22.
Scryde server testing is over. A new start - this Saturday(01/22) 14:00 (GMT+2). Thanks for the all players who helped to test.
Admin, 2011-01-19.
Scryde server opened in test mode. to register new account click Here. Patch can be downloaded from Here.
Admin, 2011-01-11.

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