Niden Faction is Back!

We have good news! After a long break Niden Faction server is back. This time, the Chronicle of High Five. The start date remains unclear, but on this Wednesday (May 30th) server will be opened in TEST Mode. Here are some information about the server:

General Info:

There are three factions: Inferno, Heaven, Necropolis.
Opportunity at any time change a faction, but only where are less players.
Kill enemies and earn Adena, Clan Rep. Points, Skill Points and other various items.
A variety of maps, which changes every 30 minutes.
On every map are the crystals, which can be owned just by standing near to it. To see all crystals' locations, use a voiced command ".show" .
For each owned crystal players get adena and opportunity to teleport to near owned crystal.
Every time when finishes map, the most kills maked faction players will be rewarded a special prize.
In the beginning of the new map, there is the probability that a special boss will be spawned, who can drop a lot of useful stuff.
Opportunity to teleport to others factions towns.
Opportunity to observe all spawned crystals.
Detailed statistics can be seen in Community Board (ALT+B).
New players automatically receives Moirai Armors(+6 with attribute bonus), Icarus weapon(+6) and Morai Jewels(+6).

Enchant Info:

Safe Enchant: +3
Maximum Enchant: +10
Enchant Chance: 50%
Blessed Enchant Chance: 60%
Crystal Scroll Enchant Chance: 100%
Element Stones Enchant Chance: 50%
Element Crystals Enchant Chance: 40%

Other Info:

Working Olympiad Games.
Achievements System.
Shift+Click system.
DressMe system.
Customized Community Board.
Nexus Events Engine.

More information you can find by clicking Here.

TEST server starts on this Wednesday(May 30th) 18:00 (GMT+2).

Admin, 2012-05-28.
New patch!

Server patch has been updated! If you want to connect to server please download and install a new patch - Direct link. After that, run the game through a shortcut from your desktop.

Admin, 2012-03-31.
Server Start!
Server started successfully! Good luck in the game.
Admin, 2012-02-18.
Server Start!
Test server is closed. Finally we can announce the exact launch date - LIVE server will start on this Saturday (February 18th) 14:00 (GMT +2). By the start we will make some small changes. Thank all the players who helped to test the server.
Admin, 2012-02-13.
Test server

Scryde server is already online in TEST mode. If you want to connect, download and install our patch - Download. You also need to create a new account - Registration. By the way, from now on with one e-mail address you can register up to 5 accounts.
High Five client - Download.

However, this is only a test server, so you may feel lags or common reboots. If you found a bug, please report it to administration.

Admin, 2012-02-03.

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