Start date
Scryde PVP server is turned off until a new start. New start date: April 6th (Starturday) 14:00 (GMT+2) 
Admin, 2013-04-02.
New Start!

Hello all,

Scryde PVP server is running 400 days without wipe! But now it is time for a new start. And we have a great news for you - a new Scryde PVP server season Coming Soon! We have no plans to run a TEST server, because there won't be many huge updates. Server version will stay the same - High Five. There is a list of most important updates:

Heroic Instance - We have created Instance zone, where you can fight against NPC Heroes and in the end of this area you'll need to defeat a boss. More information about Heroic Instance you'll see after server start.

New Achievements - To make a game more interesting we've added a new achievements.

Increased character security - You'll be able to see last 10 IP logins of your character.

Castle Siege - We've slightly changed castle attacking - After siege start the castle will be transfered to NPC.

Enabled fishing.

New maps of PVP Arena.

And much more other minor updates which you'll see in the new Scryde PVP season!
We also waiting for you suggestions on forum.

Planned new start date - April 6th. The exact time will be announced later. From today we turned the CHAOS MODE!

Finally, a bit of statisctis from last season:
Characters created: 83,744
Clans created: 754
Olimpiad cycles: 57
PVP kills: 2,449,473
PK kills: 264,107
Olympiad fights: 40,312

About Niden Faction server. Niden server will not be forgotten! We planing to start it in 2-3 moths. Of course, first of all we'll fix all critical bugs.

Admin, 2013-03-24.
Server started!
Server started successfully! Please note that the first Olympiad Games period will end on the next Sunday (June 17th). We wish you good luck in game!
Admin, 2012-06-09.
Niden Start!
We want to thank everyone who helped test the Niden server. Finally we can announce a start time of the server: Faction server starts on the next Saturday (June 9th) 14:00 (GMT+2). Test server will be online until Monday (06.04) evening.
Admin, 2012-06-03.
Niden TEST
Niden server is already online in TEST mode! However, this is only a test server, so you may feel lags or common reboots. If you found a bug, please report it to administration.
Admin, 2012-05-30.

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