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Scryde PVP || Niden Faction

General Info:

In this server all action takes a place in Elven Village territory, so you will not get borred. There are custom farming zones with custom drops. Each area has its own Raid Boss and Grand Monster.
Server Version: Lineage2 High Five.
Server start date: April 12th, 2014.

L2Scryde Map:

scryde map

Server rates:

XP/SP/DROP: x1000
Safe Enchant: +3
Maximum Enchant: +16 (for Masterwork weapons +20)
Enchant Chance: 65%
Blessed Enchant Chance: 70%
Crystal Scroll Enchant Chance: 100%
Element Stones Enchant Chance: 50%
Element Crystals Enchant Chance: 40%
Raid Boss respawn time: 4-7 hours.
Grand Monster respawn time: ~1 hour.

Olympiad Games:

Olympiad Battles time - from 18:00 to 00:00(GMT+3).
Olympiad Period - 1 week.
New heroes appears on every Sunday 12:00(GMT+3).
Maximum enchant in olympiad: +6.


This server uses Nexus Event engine which brings an awesome events and mini games with many nice features. Current working automatic events: Team vs Team, Capture the Flag, Domination, Mass Domination, Death Match, Last Man Standing, Advanced TvT(VIP), Lucky Chests. Mini Events: Korean Style TvT, Single Player Fights, Party Fights and Mini TvT with a lot of maps and modes. First 5 players registered for the event and player who makes first kill will receive additional rewards when event ends.

Clans and Clan Halls:

There are fully working Clans system. To increase your clan level, clan must have at least 10 members. Reputation points and items needed for clan skills can br obtained by killing Raid Bosses. Also in this server are 2 Clan Halls - Silver Chamber and Golden Chamber. To get a Hall your clan needs to win an auction. When a clan wins auction, it belongs to him for a week. After this time Clan Hall will be putted to auction again. To check auctions, click "Clan Hall" button at NPC - "Services Manager". Clan which owns a Hall can use special buffer and get bufs which increases PVP damage and defense.

Castle and Fortress:

There are working Gludio Castle and Dragonspine Fortress Sieges.
Gludio Castle siege starts every Sunday 20:00(GMT+3).


There are 6 categories of achievements and 20+ achievements in total. Also you will be notified how many monsters you killed & how many are left to kill until you reach next level. For every completed achievement level you will be rewarded with various items and passive skills.

PVP Arena:

If you like nonstop pvp battles this i a right place for you. There are a lot of different maps with different modes: "Teams Based" or "Free for All". For each killed player you'll be rewarded with "Arena Coin" which can be used in Arena Shop. Additionally you'll get Adena and other various items. When a map ends, a player killed most enemies will be rewarded with a special prize.

Shift+Click system:

If you want to know more info about other player or monster, just click on it while pressing Shift button. When clicking on player you will see him detailed stats: pvp, pk, killed mobs, etc. When clicking on monster you will see it's drop and approximate drop chances.

DressMe system:

This feature allows you to change the way your armors and weapons looks. For more info use a voiced command - .dressme.

Community Board:

There are re-designed and fully functional Community Board (ALT + B), which will provide all information about the server, the raid boss map with their respawn times, the various players' ratings, etc.

Heroic Instance:

This is a custom instance where you can fight against Heroic Monster. There are 3 instance types: Easy, Merciless and Bloody.

Scryde Mammon:

A special NPC that spawns once per day. Here you can buy a Masterwork weapons, change the type of armor and buy other useful items.

Redmoon Period:

This is a global event where each player receives a permanent PVP flag.

Raid Boss Tower:

There are a special raid bosses tower, where defeated 4 bosses will take you to the main server boss - Baium . More information about it can be found in the game.

Other Info:

Free S80 +6 Moirai and Icarus items.
Auto Learn Skills (including Forgotten).
Working Freya Armors, Wepons, Jewels.
After death buffs are not disappearing. Also your CP/HP/MP will be fully restored.
5 Different PVP nick colors.
Working Offline Trading.
No Grade Penalty.
Max. Sub-Class: 3.
Custom Cancellation System - When you get cancel, cancelled buffs will be restored after 10 seconds. So you don't need rebuff. Remember that this feature does not working in Olympiad Games.
GM Shop Tax - A Clan which owns a Gludio Castle can setup a tax up to 5% depending by clan level. Current tax info and castle treasury you can see in GM Shop by clicking button - "Tax Info".
Killing Spree system with a lot of unique sounds.
Unique Scheme Buffer.
Implemented Fishing.
Client side protection against third party software(PHX, L2NET, etc.).

Admin, 2011-11-21.
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