Terms and Rules
WARNING: GMs will never ask you for any items or account passwords under any circumstances.

  • "Server's team" are people, who work on development, improvements and server's evolve (Administrators and Game Masters).
  • "Cheating" is using game bugs, glitches, third party software (like bots, clickers, sniffers), making any modifications to the game client.
  • Possible punishment for not obeying rules and Server's team commands:
    • Time limited muting the player (chat ban) on all chats or on selected chats.
    • Lifetime muting player on all global chats, if he continously keeps abusing it or break chatting rules.
    • Time limited or "until further notice" jailing the player.
    • Kicking player out of the game.
    • Setting permanent PK status (perma red).
    • Removing items/quests etc. that came from illegal action (eg. stealing).
    • Time limited/unlimited character blocking (char ban).
    • Time limited/unlimited account blocking (account ban).
    • Time limited/unlimited network blocking (IP ban).
  • Administration and server GMs do not have to give reason for punishing a player or explain their actions to anyone (if they don't wan't to).
  • Implying that Administration/GMs help other player by giving or selling items, skills, quests, levels etc., is a bannable offence. We sacrifice our time to make Scryde best place to play and we won't allow anyone to insult us or our work.
  • All rules are made by administration and can be changed at any time, without further notice.
  • Commands issued by Game Masters or administrators, have to be executed by players with no exception.
  • Complaints on other players, have to be reported to Game Masters or administrators and screen shorts documenting reported fact, have to be attached.
  • Complaints on Game Masters have to be reported to administrators.
  • Any punishment for breaking rules or commands issued by Server's team, is not negotiable and can't be discussed. Admins/GMs don't have to give punishment reasons.
  • How strong punishment is, will be decided by Server's Team and is dependent on crime and overall count of all previous abuses that player did.
  • Player should be (but doesnt have to be!) informed about punishment type and reasons by Server's Team.
  • All game bugs or spotted crimes of players, have to be immediately reported to the Server's Team.
  • Asking Server's Team for items, currencies or any other forbidden help, will be ignored and in extreme situations will be punished.
  • Player has to use official game client and patch, published by Server's Team. Any modifications to game client are forbidden.
  • Game account and its content, is owned by the player who created it.
  • player can have an unlimited number of accounts.
  • The player can have only one character in the game while logged in.
  • The player has a duty to respect other players and members of the Server's Team.
  • The names of the characters and other objects (like animals, names of clans, etc.) may not contain words and phrases commonly regarded as offensive or vulgar.
  • A player may not resemble or simulate in any way the members of the crew (Server's Team).
  • A player can not (in any way) cheat or steal from other players (including setting misleading titles for shops / manufactures).
  • It is forbidden to kill players in the starting locations when character has much higher level.
  • Sales of accounts, characters, objects and other assets acquired during the game on the server is not allowed.
  • Unauthorized acquisition of accounts and the content by breaking or stealing logins / passwords, etc. is prohibited.
  • Use of the errors and bugs in the game, cheating and other malicious activities are strictly prohibited.
  • Spamming and flooding the chats in the game is prohibited (in particular, HERO, TRADE, and SHOUT.)
  • Advertising other servers is prohibited.
  • Any lost accounts, characters, items, quests, pets, etc., by the fault of the player or the server, not have to be returned by the Server's Team.
  • All upcoming events are posted on the website and forum, and also in the game (Community Board).
  • Server's Team is not responsible for the connection quality or other problems associated with the game on the server.

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