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Scryde PVP || Niden Faction

Basic Info:

  • Server version: Lineage2 High Five.
  • Server start date: March 7th, 2015.
  • Server style: Faction.
  • There are two factions: Heaven and Inferno. Players can change their faction but there are few conditions.
  • Detailed statistics can be seen in Community Board (ALT+B).
  • New players automatically receives Moirai Armors(+6 with attribute bonus), Icarus weapon(+6) and Morai Jewels(+6).

Two types of maps:

  • Standard - both factions are fighting between each other. Every map has some ownable crystals which can be taken by standing nearby. Occupied crystal gives some advantages for whole faction. There are plenty of maps which changes every 30 minutes.
  • CHAOS - a short time map where all players are fighting between each other.

Maps are choosen by players online count.

Advanced reward system:

Players are rewarded for every kill. Reward amount and chance depends on killer and victim gear. For example if newbie player with low gear kills other player with top gear, the reward amount and chance will be much higher.

PVP rewards list:

  • SP
  • Fame points
  • Clan Reputation points
  • Adena
  • High and Top grade Life Stone.
  • Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (S)
  • Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S)
  • Atrribute stones and crystals.
  • Giant's Codex - Mastery
  • Heroic Coin
  • Talismans Box

Additional rewards:

  • Players nearby owned crystal are rewarded with some adena.
  • Special reward for faction leaders and winning faction members.
  • Adena reward for ended victim's killing-spree.

Enchant Information:

  • Safe Enchant: +3
  • Maximum Enchant: +10 (+14 for Masterwork items)
  • Enchant Chance: 50%
  • Blessed Enchant Chance: 60%
  • Crystal Scroll Enchant Chance: 100%
  • Element Stones Enchant Chance: 50%
  • Element Crystals Enchant Chance: 40%

Olympiad Games:

  • Olympiad Battles time - from 20:00 to 02:00(GMT +2).
  • Olympiad Period - 1 week.
  • New heroes appears on every Sunday 12:00(GMT+2).
  • Maximum enchant in olympiad: +6.


This server uses Nexus Event engine which brings an awesome events and mini games with many nice features. Current working automatic events:

  • Team vs Team
  • Capture the Flag
  • Domination
  • Deathmatch
  • Hunting Grounds
  • Lucky Chests
  • Zombies

First 5 players registered for the event and player who makes first kill will receive additional rewards when event ends.

Death Bonus:

When player dies 2 or more times times in a row, a special bonus buff appears on him. It will increase player's PVP attack and defence. Bonus power depends on deaths in a row - it can be from 10% to 50%. Buff is automatically removed when player kills someone.


There are 6 categories of achievements and 20+ achievements in total. Also you will be notified how many enemies you killed & how many are left to kill until you reach next level. For every completed achievement level you will be rewarded with various items and passive skills.

Shift+Click system:

If you want to know more info about other player, just click on it while pressing Shift button. When clicking on player you will see him detailed stats: pvp, pk, killed raids, voting info, etc.

DressMe system:

Our unique feature which can change your character's visual look. System is updated with Lineage2 Goddess of Destruction armor sets and weapons.

Raid Boss Tower:

A special raid bosses area where players can fight between each other. Your party has to defeat 4 bosses which drops 4 different quest items. After all 4 items is collected you can teleport to the main server boss - Baium.

Scryde Mammon:

A special NPC that spawns twice per day. Here you can purchase a Masterwork weapons, change the type of armor and buy other useful items.

Community Board:

There are re-designed and fully functional Community Board (ALT + B), which will provide all information about the server, the raid boss map with their respawn times, the various players' ratings, etc.

Other Info:

  • Free S80 +6 Moirai and Icarus items.
  • Auto Learn Skills (including Forgotten).
  • After death buffs are not disappearing. Also your CP/HP/MP will be fully restored.
  • 5 Different PVP nick colors.
  • Working Offline Trading.
  • No Grade Penalty.
  • Max. Sub-Class: 3.
  • Custom Cancellation System - When you get cancel, cancelled buffs will be restored after 10 seconds. So you don't need rebuff. Remember that this feature does not working in Olympiad Games.
  • Killing Spree system with a lot of unique sounds.
  • Unique Scheme Buffer.
  • Implemented Fishing.
  • Client side protection against third party software(PHX, L2NET, etc.).

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