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I do like many features in this server but there are some huge cons:

You can solo (not easy but can) mobs in elven ruins with melee champions but can't with mage, so mages are in huge disadvantage in terms of farm.

Noone plays in party cos 90% just play melee champions and solo everything

PvP arena zone is way too little and melee chamions have huge advantage there, cos mages and archers need range/kite use obstacles to be good

I think all gameplay is too hard and that's why there are not that much players online,it's np i can farm solo in skeletons on my mage but i dont see many people there and it becomes boring to play alone.


Less damage on mobs in skeleton zone so people can solo more easy so people can get that first set +16 easy and get tese attribute stones easy

Less agro generated by heal in elven ruins cos mobs agro on healer way to much, i have been doing huge trains in l2 official and even there its easier lol

Reflect damage and resist to drain in elven ruins so NOONE can solo = this would force people to play in party = communicate more = you get more online players like this recruiting players

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