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21 May 2014 13:02

1 ) It's the time to delete masks, it create too much unbalance, and there is no sense to play L2Mask.
Or add it only in farm zone (protected by pvp/pk) i don't know, you are GM, you can do what you want !

2 ) Let's create an area for pvp correctly... We got only :
- Farm area -> pvp right -> but ppl can leach mobs -> mobs are annoying -> aoe class can't play.

- Random arena -> random pvp -> no sense -> kinda good -> but can't build any tactic there

So btw random and farm area with fast come back, even if you create a pvp pt, 2 mns later, its random pvp, with player everywhere.
So i think that we need an area.

Suggestion :
When you die in Farm area (EF, Zombie, Skeleton, Level up area), you will be respawning in a new area like Wasteland ;) (equipped with buffer, teleport etc).
-> It will create some random flags, will bring pvp, and finally pvp, without mobs.
AND finally ppl will don't come back so fast like now in each area.

Best regards.

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