Please open the NIDEN server <3

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23 Oct 2014 22:34

My name is Andy and I'm here to ask you to open the Faction server ASAP please. I played on the server 2 years ago and I really enjoyed it. After a few good months of playing I stop playing L2. A few months ago I started playing L2 again and I've been looking for a server like this but I couldn't find anything as good and cool. Why are you not opening the server ? There are so many people waiting for the server to, 3 of my friends, loads of posts underneath mine, so many people that played on the server before...There will be players, loads, also donation because people want to become strong soon. I don't understand why you are not opening it. Please OPEN IT FAST <3
I need and really want to play on NIDEN Faction :D
We're all waiting for a reply.
Thanks for reading this. Have a good day.

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29 Oct 2014 20:35

they said theyll "OPEN" NIDEN in summer but they dont give a fck about us. i think they dont read this forum. so many ppl waiting for start. they should do wipes every 4-6 months becouse server dies in 1month its too easy to get full items
P.S. sorry for bad London.

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30 Oct 2014 09:54

Hello, sorry for your wasted time, but we cannot open server at this moment, we still working with it. but i promise, we'll open the server soon as we can.
Thanks for understanding.
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