Interesting information!

New, explained costume ''dressme'' & weapon glow preview  system has been made for our precious players so that it would be easier to choose a new costume or glow without having to guess.

Dressme (Only GOD) & Glows:

[GM]Tenacity, 2015-01-05.
Newbies Bonus

We have great news for new players! From December 6th every new player will be rewarded. All you need is to create a new character and start playing on Scryde PVP server.

Rewards list:


Adena - 2,000,000,000x


Event Medal - 100x


Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S) - 300x


Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (S) - 300x

Also, from now on, every new clan level will be increased up to 7.

* Gifts are available only once.

Admin, 2014-12-06.
Server Started!

Scryde PVP server started successfully! Please note that heroes will change in the next Sunday (April 20th).

Admin, 2014-04-12.
Scryde PVP Start

As we planned, the Scryde PVP server starts next Saturday (April 12th). 14:00 (GMT+3)
You can now download a new server patch - L2Scryde_patch_v1.rar.

Admin, 2014-04-09.
New Scryde PVP season!

A year has passed since the last Scryde PVP server start. Recently, we received a lot of emails with a single question - "When will be a new start?". So, we have good news for everyone who waiting for the new season of Scryde PVP server - a new start is just around the corner! The planned start date - April 12th. 14:00 GMT+3.

Traditionally we provide major upgrades of the coming season :

  • Server map will be slightly changed: replaced almost all areas, monsters and raid bosses.
  • Fully updated DressMe: DressMe system has been redesigned and updated with Lineage2 Goddess of Destruction - R-R99 armor sets .
  • Grand Monsters of zones : each zone will have the Grand Monster with respawn time of about 1 hour .
  • Raid Boss Tower: a special raid bosses tower, which defeated 4 bosses will take you to the main server boss - Baium . More information about this can be found in the game.
  • Scryde Mammon: a special NPC that occur during the day. Here you can buy a Masterwork weapons, change the type of armor and buy other useful items.
  • Redmoon period:  this is a global event in which each player receives a permanent PVP flag.
  • More abilities for Castle and Clan Hall owners.
  • New Achievements.
  • Reworked Heroic Instance.
  • Ability to trade and sell talismans.

It's just part of updates, there are certainly more. Everything you'll see in the new season with a planned start on April 12th . 14:00 GMT+3.

Niden Faction server is now turned off, we are planning to run it again in early summer.

Admin, 2014-04-01.

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